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so we made it! we are finally here…in Mitchell’s Plain, South Africa! i cant even believe it. there were definitely times during our “journey” here that i didnt think it was possible. we left charlotte, friday morning and flew to washington dc to sit in the airport for 4 hours before being told that our flight had been canceled due to “technical difficulties.” south african air put us up in a hotel for the night and said that we should be able to leave the next morning at 8 am. the room we stayed in was extremely nice, with a king size bed and a HUGE flat screen tv. we went back to the airport around 6 the next morning and flew out about 10 oclock. it was difficult because we had mentally prepared ourselves the day before to fly for such an extended period of time and then having to wait until the next day, not really know for sure when we would leave. and then finding out that we would have to stop in dakar for an hour, almost pushed me over the edge! haha….i was fine though…it doesnt seem to matter if your in the air or on the ground, you are stuck in the plane regardless! ūüôā the flight went smoothly and we made it to johannesburg around 11 am the next day (keep in mind that we are 6 hours ahead so for you that would mean it was 5 am on sunday) they hadnt given us tickets for our flight from johannesburg to cape town so once we landed and reclaimed our luggage we had to schedule a flight. we were lucky and got the next flight out which left at 1 pm! we made it to cape town around 3:30 where pastor john met us with his car. the drive to our house wasn’t long at all and before i knew it we were parked outside of our house! definitely a surreal moment! (we had several of those until we got here) mrs evelyn (pastor john’s wife) met us at the house bringing us bags of groceries! so sweet! she stayed and talked with us for a while and then left us here to rest and to get settled in. it was a bit strange being in a place you couldnt imagine before and now knowing that it will be your home! we’ve unpacked since then and starting organizing everything the way we like it. we stayed up talking with our families on skype and watching a movie.¬† it was nice to take showers and just relax (the water pressure is awesome!) we didnt go to bed until pretty late and somehow slept until 12:30! i guess we were more tired and jetlagged than we thought! we havent spent anytime outside of the house yet but it has been nice making the house feel more like our home. jeremy has been given the opportunity to teach in a high school about life skill and we arent sure when or for how long…so we dont know details about it but we’ll definitely keep you updated! and mrs. evelyn said that she would like to take me to Mollie’s Place so im excited! we miss all of you very much and hope that you will continue to keep us in your prayers. God was faithful and got us here safely. and with all of our luggage! ūüôā if you would please pray that it will be a quick adjustment for us and that we will get settled in and acquainted with the area. also that we will find a car that we can afford! thats about it for now, we will keep you updated as more things begin to happen!

XOXO! sarah

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It’s funny because I have sat down a few times to update everyone on how things have been going.¬† But, then I realize there’s not really much to update you on.

Most of the last month or so it seems like we have just been spinning our wheels and not getting very far.¬† While we are making some progress most of the time we are just waiting for things to get done: waiting an hour past our appointment times to see the doctor, waiting on the South African consulate to send us paperwork, waiting on our support to come in, waiting in line at the court house, waiting for people to call us back, waiting to see what is going to happen next, waiting for Jesus to come back before we even get to go on the 16th of Oct. (not literally of course), etc.¬† Even though we only have 5 weeks to go its a little early to start packing and saying good byes.¬† We are kind of in a limbo period where there isn’t a lot going on. We are past worrying about all the big things and have moved onto anxiously trying to iron out the details.¬† I’m ready to get this show on the road and to start a countdown, but the only people I can think of that start a countdown longer than about 5 or 10 days are teachers, inmates, and engaged couples, so¬†starting a 35 day countdown ’til departure does seem a little overboard.¬†I guess we will just continue to wait….

While I don’t like waiting, the good thing I am learning is that when we are not operating from our own agenda and our timeline then we have to lean hard into God and have faith that He is working in us from His agenda and His timeline.

Also, I think it is helping us to move from our American frame of mind of instant gratification into an African frame of mind of¬†“what’s the rush”.¬† Hopefully this will help with the transition.

That’s about¬†all I’ve got for now.¬† We’ll start the countdown soon and be more active in a couple of weeks. But, before I go…

…a couple of things I do want to update you on.

  • Sarah’s sister, Lauren, just got engaged last weekend. Congratulations Lauren and Pearson!
  • Two weekends ago we had a cookout and met all of the wonderful people who have paved the way for us to go to Mitchells Plain.¬† We had a great time and we were greatly encouraged afterwards.
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write it down

Here is our new address.  Stop what you are doing and write it down.

9 Choir Street
Woodlands 7785
Cape Town, SA
We’d love to get any kind of mail, but it takes at least 2 – 3 weeks to get stuff there. So, plan ahead if you are so inclined to send us something!
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Things you might see in SA…

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Baie Dankie (buy-a-donkey)

Baie Dankie means thank you in Afrikaans.¬†¬†So, buyadonkey to all of our friends and family who have already shown us a tremendous amount of support.¬† Sarah and I feel so fortunate to know that we already have a wall of prayer being built up around us.¬† We grow more and more excited each day because of your excitement and reminders¬†of¬†God’s promises and purpose for our lives.¬† You are the driving force that¬†keeps us moving¬†in the direction that God¬†is leading us and we couldn’t do it without you.¬† We love you all¬†and appreciate¬†each¬†of you very much. ¬†

A couple other things:

Another way that you could keep up with us in SA will be to leave a comment with your email address so that Sarah and I can email you our monthly updates. Don’t worry, if you are worried about somebody stealing your¬†info¬†to send you junk mail,¬†no one else will be able to see your email address.


Also, several people have asked about doing an automatic bank draft or signing up online to give financially.  We are working on figuring out how to make that happen and will post the information on here when we do.  Thanks again for those who have already responded so generously.

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tuis sweet tuis

That’s “home sweet home”…

Our new home in SA

Our new home in SA

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Cape Town

The picture you see at the top of the page is of Cape Town, South Africa where we will be moving to in October (actually our home that you see in the picture above is in Mitchell’s Plain just outside of CT). This blog will be our source to communicate what God is doing here and your source to stay connected with the ministry you are supporting.¬† Please keep in touch and visit our site frequently because where two or more are gathered in His name, even if it is on the internet, God is there also.

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