our story

Jeremy’s version

We met during the summer of 2006 through all the wedding events of Todd (my best friend) and Lindsay’s (Sarah’s cousin). I was a groomsman and she was a bridesmaid.  Basically, from the first time we met I thought she was absolutely gorgeous, tender hearted, and thoughtful and I wanted to get to know her.  I tried several times to conjour up some kind of conversation, but it just wasn’t working.  It wasn’t until she found out that I would be leaving within the next week to go to South Africa for a six month mission trip that she was interested in talking to me.  When she told me she had always wanted to go to Africa and work with kids I thought I might have a shot.  Our common interest in missions and children is what brought a spark between us.  This all happened at the rehearsal dinner and reception, which was only two weeks before I was leaving.  I didn’t have a lot of time and I had to figure out a way to keep in touch.  So, naturally I resorted to facebook, AIM, skype to communicate across the ocean.  Months of conversations led to $350 international phone bills, but it also led to an amazing relationship. It was difficult to be apart for six months, but it was a great way to get to know each other and develop a relationship. 

Since then we got married and made a commitment to each other to serve God overseas before we settle into anything. This is the result of that commitment to each other, but also the result of many commitments made by our family and friends to love, support, and pray for us.   Most importantly it is the result of Gods commitment to amazing grace, unending mercy, and abounding love for us and His people.


Sarah’s Version…still in progress.

How we met…My cousin, Lindsay and Jeremy’s best friend, Todd were getting married. We met at one of the parties for their wedding but didn’t really spend any time getting to know each other until at their rehearsal dinner. We were assigned to the same table and were even assigned to sit beside each other until I switched my name card to sit next to my cousin, Patrick.  Jeremy tried to start several conversations with me but it wasn’t until he told me that he would be moving to South Africa the following week to do missions that I became  very interested!  After their wedding, Jeremy and I spent the majority of their reception talking about what his life would be like in Johannesburg. (He even asked me to quit school and move with him!) I was immediately drawn to his heart for Africa and for wanting to work with children because I have always wanted to go to there and I absolutely love kids. 



  1. I know you are apart of God’s plan and he will guide and protect you on your journey. I have witnessed your passion with kids…I see it everytime you come and watch over mine. They ADORE you both! I will truely miss you guys while you are gone and I know my little ones will miss you as well. I am 100% sure the children of Africa will love you and welcome you with open arms. I will pray for you constantly and can’t wait to live through you as you update us in the States with this website. God Bless 🙂

  2. Amazing….how God was at work bringing you two together!

    My wife (Betty) and I go to the church in Florida where Doris Russell was secretary for many years. We are so thankful for what you are doing there in South Africa.

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