Posted by: jeremyh06 | November 15, 2009

first week at the Frog center!

We completed our first week at the FROG center and we’re anxious to start a new one! This week was definitely a learning experience for us and I think it was for the kids too! We allowed children of all ages to come but starting tomorrow we will have each day broken down into a certain age group. Monday through Wednesday there will be a different age group of children and then on Thursday all children are welcome, that way they have the opportunity to come twice each week! It was a challenge trying to play games that all the children would enjoy but now that we will have smaller groups that are the same age we will be able to plan for more age appropriate activities. We are excited to start forming relationships with the children and start our devotional time too! We have already fallen in love with so many of them and have enjoyed getting to see familiar faces every afternoon!

We have a small fear that the children will loss interest due to the new schedule. Siblings will no longer be able to come together and they can only come twice a week instead of every day. We have high hopes that the children will encourage their friends to come and that the numbers grow! Please pray that God will move in a MIGHTY way and that the children will know the FROG center is a safe place for them to have fun and experience Christ’s love!

Here are a couple pictures from this week and I promise to take more soon!

Tug of warBrothers


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