Posted by: jeremyh06 | November 10, 2009

Day 1 at “The Frog”

So, yesterday was our first day at the Frog Center.  I think Sarah and I started to realize why God gave us a few weeks to settle in and get rested up because it was quite an adventure.  The whole time we’ve been here and even before we came we have been trying to imagine what it would be like when we started to work with the kids. After yesterday I can tell you that we really had no clue.  We spent a few hours yesterday morning going through all of the supplies that will be available for us and trying to think up good ideas for the kids.  But, as you know its kind of hard to plan for the first time you do anything because you do not know what it will be like.  Kind of like riding a bike. You’re dad can prepare you all he wants but you do not know what it is like until you actually do it.  Well we had been prepared, but yesterday at 3 p.m. it was time to get on the bike and start peddling. At first there were only a handful of kids so we started putting together a little game for them to playing. But, within a matter of minutes we had over 70 kids all between the ages of 5 and 13. We quickly realized that a simple game of “red light, green light” was getting way out of hand and we had to change our plans.  Sarah kept most of the kids busy with a game of “Simon says” while I ran around trying to figure out what the heck we were going to do with this many kids. This wasn’t just riding a bike for the first time, this was like going to the steepest hill in the neighborhood and riding down with no hands.  Thankfully God has given us enough experience with kids and at camps that we were able to be creative and hold the kids attention for the most part.  We played relay races, had a singing/dance contest because they love music, and then finished up by separating the young ones to color with Sarah and the older ones to play “knock out” with me.  While it was a crazy ride we learned a lot from the experience and are so excited about all the kids we will get to know and love.

This week we will continue to try to manage the organized chaos at “the frog” (as the kids call it) because our goal is to have as much fun and as many kids as possible so that the word will get out that the Frog Center is open again.  Starting next week we are going to divide up the grades to come on different days so that we will have a more manageable number of kids and be able to start using a curriculum and developing relationships.

Pray for us that we will have the energy, wisdom, and creativity to be successful at the Frog Center!



  1. Sounds like you learned to ride that bike really well!!You do have a lot of credit due your dad and mom. I know you are going to love those kids with all your hearts and with God “steering” this is going to be the “ride of your lives.” So proud of you. Grandma Hurst

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