Posted by: jeremyh06 | November 6, 2009

Molly’s Place

I know…its taken me way too long to blog about Molly’s Place and I still don’t have all the pictures but I wanted to share with you what I’ve got! As some of you may already know Molly’s Place is an orphanage owned by the church where they currently have 11 children. All but three of these children are there because their parents have passed away. Some of them from AIDS and others that were killed. The children are brought to Molly’s Place through a social worker similar to how things would be in the states. There were only eight children there when we first got here but earlier this week a family of three came. We have spent a lot of time with these children just loving on them and giving them some extra attention! We absolutely love them and hope to do many fun things with them over the next couple years. They range in ages from 17 years- to 7 months old.  I have spoken with Pastor John about what kind of plan they have for the children, like how long do they stay and once they are 18 are they taken out of the home…what’s the next step? Basically, they aren’t sure what the plans are for the children in the future; all they know is that they are able to give them a place to stay and food to eat right now and so for now that’s all they need to know. It frustrated me at first because I am such a planner and couldn’t understand how they couldn’t know what will happen to these kids, but as I’m learning what it is like to rely completely on faith I am beginning to get it.  You see from the very first day of being here in Mitchell’s Plain, I had to make the decision to completely rely on the Lord and know that He was going to take care of me or I would still be convinced that I couldn’t live here for 2 years. And by no means have I mastered the idea of complete faith; its a daily struggle, but I find myself feeling much safer and happier when I put all of my faith in Him. So, I will keep you updated on all the children and will post more pictures soon! I thought it would help for you to see a picture of each child and tell you a little bit about them. That way you can put a name to a face but also I would like to ask to you pray for them. I can’t begin to even imagine what they have gone through already in their short little lives, but as you can see they are very happy!


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