Posted by: jeremyh06 | November 2, 2009

its the small things…

its the small things that make me happy and put a smile on my face! jeremy and i have been stuck in the house the last few days with what we think must have been a stomach bug. 😦 we went from bed to couch and from couch to bed taking naps but also having to tend to our new puppy mahdi. we survived on toast and crackers…not at all any fun! BUT we’re feeling much better now and had a fun filled day! we phoned mrs. evelyn to see if she would take us somewhere for lunch since we were doing better and our one request was somewhere with good chicken! we knew it would be light on our stomachs and so much better than what we had in the house. she brought her friend cheryl along..and she was a hoot! we ate at a place called nando’s. the restaurant was similar to a nice fast food place. afterwards mrs. evelyn wanted to show us how nice the grocery store was in the same shopping center. we went in and found so many small…but wonderful american things! 🙂 you see i had been struggling with not feeling well and being stuck in our house that i was missing home. once i began to see so many familiar things it definitely put a smile on my face! jeremy even had to tell me to quiet down because i screamed that they had chocolate chips! i didn’t know that they had chocolate chips…i was already trying to figure how we could get some sent here to us without them melting. they had smuckers jam, hershey’s chocolate syrup, pop-tarts, frosted mini wheats, honey smacks, FRUITY PEBBLES!, captain crunch, and lots of american brands of candy..oh and even marshmallows! i was so excited to see everything because the more and more we shop at different places the more american foods i find. it just makes cooking and baking easier when i find things that i’m used to buying in the states. even now typing this update it excites me to know that when we want “comfort foods”  that will remind us of home, we can go to that store and feel better! 🙂 i just though i would share my “little bit” of happiness with you. enjoy!



  1. God’s way of letting you know you are still in His care – even tho’ you are so far from family! Amazing how just the sight of Choc chips can excite us, huh? We are creatures of habit and want familiar things around us. I am thankful you are feeling better and praying that soon you will have wheels and can get on with working at what God has for you to do there! We love ya.

  2. Do they have the arm&hammer orange boxes of baking soda? Let me know bc I will send you some!!!

    It saved my life in Costa rica…it gets rid of bad smells, cleans things, whitens teeth…and just makes cookies and pancakes so much better.

    Let me know…ok? ok.

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