Posted by: jeremyh06 | October 19, 2009


so we made it! we are finally here…in Mitchell’s Plain, South Africa! i cant even believe it. there were definitely times during our “journey” here that i didnt think it was possible. we left charlotte, friday morning and flew to washington dc to sit in the airport for 4 hours before being told that our flight had been canceled due to “technical difficulties.” south african air put us up in a hotel for the night and said that we should be able to leave the next morning at 8 am. the room we stayed in was extremely nice, with a king size bed and a HUGE flat screen tv. we went back to the airport around 6 the next morning and flew out about 10 oclock. it was difficult because we had mentally prepared ourselves the day before to fly for such an extended period of time and then having to wait until the next day, not really know for sure when we would leave. and then finding out that we would have to stop in dakar for an hour, almost pushed me over the edge! haha….i was fine though…it doesnt seem to matter if your in the air or on the ground, you are stuck in the plane regardless! 🙂 the flight went smoothly and we made it to johannesburg around 11 am the next day (keep in mind that we are 6 hours ahead so for you that would mean it was 5 am on sunday) they hadnt given us tickets for our flight from johannesburg to cape town so once we landed and reclaimed our luggage we had to schedule a flight. we were lucky and got the next flight out which left at 1 pm! we made it to cape town around 3:30 where pastor john met us with his car. the drive to our house wasn’t long at all and before i knew it we were parked outside of our house! definitely a surreal moment! (we had several of those until we got here) mrs evelyn (pastor john’s wife) met us at the house bringing us bags of groceries! so sweet! she stayed and talked with us for a while and then left us here to rest and to get settled in. it was a bit strange being in a place you couldnt imagine before and now knowing that it will be your home! we’ve unpacked since then and starting organizing everything the way we like it. we stayed up talking with our families on skype and watching a movie.  it was nice to take showers and just relax (the water pressure is awesome!) we didnt go to bed until pretty late and somehow slept until 12:30! i guess we were more tired and jetlagged than we thought! we havent spent anytime outside of the house yet but it has been nice making the house feel more like our home. jeremy has been given the opportunity to teach in a high school about life skill and we arent sure when or for how long…so we dont know details about it but we’ll definitely keep you updated! and mrs. evelyn said that she would like to take me to Mollie’s Place so im excited! we miss all of you very much and hope that you will continue to keep us in your prayers. God was faithful and got us here safely. and with all of our luggage! 🙂 if you would please pray that it will be a quick adjustment for us and that we will get settled in and acquainted with the area. also that we will find a car that we can afford! thats about it for now, we will keep you updated as more things begin to happen!

XOXO! sarah



  1. We’re so happy to hear y’all are there and safe! We’ve been praying for you all weekend. Love you!

    -Garrett and Jess

  2. Yay! We are so glad you made it! We knew you would get there, but there’s just something inside you that give you relief when we know you’re there! As I was reading your post, I couldn’t help but wonder how surreal everything was now that you’re there! You’ve been looking at pictures for so long…and now it’s your home! Adam and I are praying for you and we can’t wait to hear all the updates…so keep ’em coming! Love you both!

    Adam & Elizabeth

  3. Checking daily to see updates – think of you a dozen times a day! AND praying for you as you minister to those where you are.

  4. So glad you are finally there and getting settled in. The guys built you a pretty neat home, didn’t they? Will continue to pray for your ministry there and will be looking forward to updates. God Bless

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