Posted by: jeremyh06 | August 3, 2009

Baie Dankie (buy-a-donkey)

Baie Dankie means thank you in Afrikaans.  So, buyadonkey to all of our friends and family who have already shown us a tremendous amount of support.  Sarah and I feel so fortunate to know that we already have a wall of prayer being built up around us.  We grow more and more excited each day because of your excitement and reminders of God’s promises and purpose for our lives.  You are the driving force that keeps us moving in the direction that God is leading us and we couldn’t do it without you.  We love you all and appreciate each of you very much.  

A couple other things:

Another way that you could keep up with us in SA will be to leave a comment with your email address so that Sarah and I can email you our monthly updates. Don’t worry, if you are worried about somebody stealing your info to send you junk mail, no one else will be able to see your email address.


Also, several people have asked about doing an automatic bank draft or signing up online to give financially.  We are working on figuring out how to make that happen and will post the information on here when we do.  Thanks again for those who have already responded so generously.


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